Breed: Pekingese

Age: Young

Sex: M

Size: S
This is Benji. He is a 3 yr old Pekingese puppy who is very much still a puppy. He loves to play and cuddle. he can be left alone for a few hours without destroying your things. Good in the car, good on walks and at the park but should be protected from large dogs. A large dog is how he lost his eye. But his vision is great and once you meet him, you totally forget he has one eye. His personality will have you laughing all the time. We have had surgery on his remaining eye so that its not possible for him to loose it. He is truly the sweetest little guy we have ever had in rescue. Benji has two sides to him. One is strong and brave that will protect you and the other is a playful puppy who will raise his paws for a hug and kiss you to death. Everyone just adores him. But he is protective so has to be introduced to large dogs carefully. He could only live with a large dog if it was a very passive one. He is good with small dogs and was in home with cats that he played with. It would have to be very dog friendly cat. Benji was left alone in a small room for days at a time so he needs a lot of company to keep him from depression. He also has a past of being abused by large dogs. He would do well in a family that has no children under the age of 10 because of his past. If treated the wrong way, pinched or his hair pulled by a toddler, he might bite. Benji is healthy and active and is most happy when he can be with you wherever you go. He is about 17lbs and full grown. If you crave an affectionate buddy, he is the dog!

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Contact: Pekingese Rescue of B.C. and West Coast German Shepherd rescue of B.C. | Langley, BC