Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Age: Baby

Sex: F

Size: M
This is Bobbie and Billy-Jean, brother and sister shepherd pups of 6-8 months old. Confiscated for neglect. They are smaller shepherds especially Billy-Jean, she is quite tiny at 35lbs. She can be quite the lap dog taking full advantage of her size. Bobby the Male is bigger but still not considered a large dog and they are very close to being the size they will stay as adults. Both are very much puppies and play all day long. Bobbie is very protective of Billy-Jean so she does get away with a lot. They are around several large Shepherds and small Pekingese at this time in the rescue home and are good but prefer to just play with each other. Both are quick to learn and egar to listen to you and please you. They are just learning now to love affection and cuddles and love toys around. They have been with us just a week now and have begun obedience training in the rescue but will need owners who will continue this. They are active puppies and need to be exposed to everything and everyone to become well ballenced dogs. Its crucial at this age that they are adopted into the right hands who have a lot of time for them and are willing to show them the world. Much of their very short life has been in a shelter. We think they would be good with children as they love to play chase and have company. They are a bit afraid but coming out of their shell and realizing that their past neglect is now over forever. Really good natured dogs with no signs of aggression. However, Bobby will protect his sister if he thinks another dog is after her. He is aware and watches out for her. Billy-Jean plays with every one and everything and is good with them all but shows some fear when taking her by the collar. They have changed a lot in just a week and we feel will forget about their past and not have future issues once in a loving home. They can be adopted together or separately. Both have all their shots and very recently have been spayed and neutered. We require them to live with a fully fenced in yard and someone who has the time puppies require. They should not be alone for more then 4 hours at a time. Both we feel would do well with other dogs in the home, possibly cats if trained properly. Both are very accepting at this age and will be great family members. They would like to have their home before Christmas so they can celebrate with you! Photo 2 is Billy-jean Photo 3 is Bobbie.

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Contact: Pekingese Rescue of B.C. and West Coast German Shepherd rescue of B.C. | Langley, BC